Rules of Use

Thank You for Respecting Our Rules of Use

We appreciate each of our golfers respecting our simple rules of use, to ensure Joe Giles Indoor Golf remains the favorite game improvement facility in Licking County.


Enjoy your practice session but please:

  1. There are surveillance cameras inside and out so please respect the property and the equipment.
  2. Place any trash in the containers.
  3. If others are waiting, please finish your large bucket and let them have your spot. 
  4. Keep the language clean while others are nearby.
  5. Be aware of others swinging so as not to “invade” their space. Safety is of the utmost priority.
  6. At night, if you are the only one in the facility please turn off the lights when you are done. 
  7. The entrance door is electronically controlled so no one can enter without the proper card or code.
  8. In the event of any urgent issues, you can contact Joe Giles by going to the Contact Us page and he will receive a text immediately.
  9. Members are encouraged to bring guests. Guest fee is $20 and can be prepaid online or placed in cash box in the facility.


Joe Giles Indoor Golf

102 Decrow Avenue

Newark, OH  43055



Open 24 hours, 7 days a week

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