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Teaching a Beginner

Admit it, you’ve all done it.


At one time or another you have either tried to teach somebody how to play the game or have attempted to remedy your buddies ailing golf swing. Maybe something you’ve read or perhaps a tip given to you by a fellow golfer has provided you with enough expertise to give lessons and that’s fine by me. There are thousands of people who are playing golf only because a spouse or friend got them interested in playing and took the time to teach them the basic fundamentals of a golf swing.


As a golf professional, I have books, manuals and instructional videos preparing me to teach the way the PGA suggests. What I would like to do is come up with a brief guide to help novice teachers be prepared when that loved one says, honey I‘d like to learn to hit that stupid white ball around the golf course just like you!


Of course, I’m not suggesting that you forget about your local golf professional. By all means if you have the wisdom to start out taking lessons from a pro you’ll benefit from the experience, but if for some reason you would feel more at ease with a friend or spouse, well, if that’s what it takes to get you started, go for it!

The Top 10 List

I’ve put together a Top Ten List of some guidelines you may want to use while teaching a beginner:

10. Use a ten-finger grip (baseball) when teaching women, juniors and seniors.
9. Let them hit every shot (except putts) off of a tee, at least for a while.
8. Pay much more attention to how the swing looks than to the result it produces.
7. Laugh if it’s funny, but NEVER criticize.
6. Be anxious to praise and slow at finding fault.
5. Make your recommendations very simple.
4. Keep the driver in the closet.
3. Don’t argue. The student is always right.
2. Don’t overdo it. Remember it’s a game & it’s supposed to be fun.
1. When teaching your spouse, keep all sharp objects out of reach. The life you save may be your own.


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