Joe's Swing Caddie Tips

Joe’s Tips for Using the SC200

In addition to User’s Manual, here are some simple tips from Joe about how to get the most out of using the Swing Caddie SC200 during your practice.

  1. Turn on the SC200 Launch Monitor by sliding the button on the top right corner of the unit.
  2. Place the unit approximately 3 feet behind the ball in line with your target, with the unit facing the target zone.
  3. Use the remote to choose which mode you would like to start your practice session with. You have 3 choices Practice, Target and Approach.
    • Practice Mode (most often used)
      • Will tell you how far you hit the shot (you can set it for total distance or carry distance using the total carry button on the remote).
      • Your clubhead speed
      • Smash Factor ( This indicates how solid you hit the ball. 1.5 is the maximum using your driver while 1.3ish is a solid hit with your irons.
    • Target Mode
      • You chose a certain distance that you would like to practice by using the + or – button on the remote.
    • Approach Mode
      • The unit will randomly select distances for you to try to achieve.
  4. Once you have selected the mode you prefer then use the remote to choose which club you are hitting. Also you can choose the loft button to customize the setting to your particular club (driver, hybrid, fairway wood.)
  5. The volume button can be used to make the voice activation softer or louder.
  6. Once you hit a shot you will receive instant feedback with distance, clubhead speed etc.
  7. Remember, when changing clubs to use the remote to indicate which club you will be using.
  8. When you are done with your session, please turn off the unit and place it and the remote back on the table.
  9. Extra batteries are located on the table in case the unit is not turning on. The battery compartment is on the back of the unit.


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